Custom Wedding Belts

These belts are gathered around the waist with ribbons or laces, sometimes two or three. They are usually worn with a special dress that has a slit up the middle part, just showing off the gathered bulk of the belt.

The belts can be worn with or without buckle, it entirely depends on what you like, and what you feel comfortable wearing. The trend lately has been to separate the plain ones from the ones with the buckle, so you can use either, but it is suggested that you use a plainer one.

Gather belts are a great accessory for when you go out of the house, and they also are practical and functional. They can be worn with a plain dress, jeans, a skirt, or even a pair of jeans. They are available in a wide range of colors including red, yellow, green, pink, black, white, and more. You can also get them in a picture of patterns like floral, animal, 강남 안마, stripes, floral, or heart shapes.

Gather belts are much sought after because they provide a lot of room to carry around things you might not want to but you also want to be able to feel free. They enable you to carry what you need without giving it all its due place. While some things can be easily stored away, some things (like makeup) should be taken out of sight. If you buy a pack of all your makeup you will feel so grateful when you get to use it, and you will be able to put it right back in its nice box. So, every time you reach out to grab your makeup you will have an extra present to show off to all the special people in your life.

Gather belts can also be used to showcase gowns. They can come in different colors, such as red, blue, orange, yellow, and more. If you have a black gown and you want to put it away for other things, all you have to do is clip on a colorful belt with a beautiful buckle. You will look stunning in any outfit with a lovely belt.

You can use a gathered belt with a simple skirt to show you off, or you can use it to enhance the look of a dress for a more formal occasion. They can come in many styles, so they will look perfect with lingerie, too. Even personalized wedding belts can look nice. If you want to look even more special, you can get a design with your initial, your date of last year, or even your name embroidered on it.

Four Steps to a Shared Office Space 배터리안마

Four Steps to a Shared Office Space 배터리안마

The benefits of implementing a shared office space 배터리안마 approach are obvious. One of the main attractions is that the parties in a shared office space 배터리안마 agreement gain real savings quite quickly such as cost, resources,s and time savings. It is less expensive for the landlord to share the building with several land occupants; they do not have to pay for utilities if only half the space 배터리안마 is being utilized and consumption is low. So, too, you save what you pay; while your costs are fixed, the landlord does not have to spend a lot of money on advertising, and occupancy rates may be lower. But, if sharing is a good fit for you, there are still costs that you will have to consider. If you are thinking about entering into a shared office space 배터리안마 commitment, you need to ask yourself the following four questions:

1. How will your move or move to this new office affect the operation of your current business? You cannot move your business without changing phone numbers or entire business structures, and while you are sharing space 배터리안마, you will more than likely need to provide new hard copy documents to both parties. Are you and your business set up for this move?

2. Is your business growing? You may want to consider whether you are actually in a position to grow the client base of your business. Do you have the capacity to manage a larger staff or operations team? If not, a shared office space 배터리안마 may not be the best option for you because you may be expanding operations that do not get the support you need. Is your business growing?

3. Will my existing business suffer as a result of my new office? This may feel like an impossible question to answer, but let’s face it, every business owner has to make an honest assessment of how their business is doing in their current business. If they are losing money, if sales are flat; or if they are getting new customers but existing customers are not buying, then it may not be a good move. The last thing you want to do is try to rebrand a new office space or hide your business under an old business name. You need to be confident that those who step into your business will come and get a positive response to your new office.

4. Do I need to empty my current office? The greatest problem with moving your business is the cost of moving and how you will be using the new space. There are ways of doing more cost-effective downtime at your existing office. Instead of emptying the existing office space and renting a brand new office space, see if you can empty the office space to provide a temporary closet or area to store seasonal business used in the prior year’s space. You can also meet leases with short-term storage space rather than purchasing a permanent location for your home office.

If you are considering changing office space or leasing a new office as a solution to growing your business, then you need to consider all of the answers above as there are more than two ways to move or relocate your business. Depending on the situation, following these four simple steps will put you a step ahead of other corporations.

What is Osteopathy gg안마

Osteopathy gg안마

Osteopathy gg안마 is a medical approach to assist in maintaining general good health. Achieving health is traditionally through the use of natural remedies. This method of healthcare focuses on guided gentle pressure that is applied by a trained health professional. The application of pressure assists in achieving a state of balanced health and is known as connective tissue lymphedema.

Osteopathy gg안마 is a natural approach to providing joint, muscle, and tissue health. Family physicians and other primary care physicians are often not knowledgeable about osteopathy and view it as a natural health approach. As with all medical theories, however, it is open to critical examination by interested parties who can bring their input to the table.

The Modern Medical Approach to Osteopathy gg안마

Many people remain unchanged in their thinking about osteopathy gg안마 despite the proven success it has had on many patients. The traditional medical approach sees osteopathy as a drug-based medical specialty that has no place in the rehabilitative world. There are other medical professionals who do not solely rely on pharmaceuticals for their successful treatment of illness.

Bopathic doctors who also use osteopathy gg안마 heavily in their practice are often viewed as essentialists — doctors who seek to delink or remove what they see as detrimental to the body’s working. They believe, for example, that a properly functioning body must have a complementary relationship with a mind that is resolute and can maintain commitments towards wellness.

Although both critical and essentialistic approaches are useful, a critical approach allows for a willingness to test ideas and information, while an essentialistic approach is closed off to new ideas and information. Both approaches can be helpful in that they can help a doctor become more knowledgeable and tense in his or her practice.

B.O.meric Therapeutics: The Treatment of Patients

Because osteopathy gg안마 is based on the body’s own ability to heal itself, there are various treatment options for patients. These are usually designed to help the body with tissues that are claimed to be repaired and diseased. Some of the treatments are designed to help the body eliminate infection, reduce pain, and strengthen weakened tissues as well. These are often prescribed in conjunction with any conventional treatments.

A.meric Acupuncture & Shiatsu: The Treatment of Pain

Osteopathic manipulation treatments, also known as A.meric acupuncture, are designed to help a body energize its self-repair systems. Energy is released through the surface of the body as massage techniques with various amounts of pressure are applied. In Chinese culture, there is a belief that a healthy body must be free of stagnation and accumulation of psychic disturbances. This is most easily achieved through the treatment of the body as well as the mind. A.meric Shame can thus be understood by understanding why a synthetic drug Emerross works in the same manner.

B. O. extract herbs & nutrients: The Treatment of Oncology Tumor

When a tumor is discovered on body tissue, it is believed to be the body’s immune response to prevent the spread of the disease throughout the body and organ. The treatment of the tumor is therefore designed to prevent the spread of the illness as well as stimulate the body’s immune system to function properly. The best course of action for cancer patients is therefore to prevent the spread of the illness as well as to prevent the body from becoming Too damaged. The availability of robust probiotics for the treatment of oncology trauma varies widely depending upon the stage of the condition. With low-grade cancers, it can be useful for those with low-grade tumors and those that have little to no chance of spreading or for a long time.

C. More serious conditions sometimes do not respond to standard medical treatment immediately. For instance, some lung diseases that have long bladder cancers and have had diminished standard treatment options, sometimes need a prolonged course of life support. Herbal Source:

The Advantages of a 오피사이트 Shared Office

오피사이트 Shared Office

If you are a business professional looking for a flexible place to hang your license, a 오피사이트 shared office may be a great option. Hotbeds of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and investment bankers, among others, often rent out 오피사이트 shared office spaces in these areas. 오피사이트 Shared offices are great for the small business that wants a prestigious business address without all of the other responsibilities that come with it. A shared office voids a great deal of the normal office responsibilities leaving free time for clients’ personal life, in addition to a low overhead cost. One of the best advantages of a shared office is the lack of overhead costs. Very few businesses have the financial resources to furnish a building, lease a space, and handle utilities all on their own, but many choose to do so through their shared office.

Shared office spaces, also referred to as serviced offices, offer many of the same paid and unpaid business services that traditional offices come equipped with such as Office Furniture and Equipment: Furniture and equipment are provided to the shared offices as well as the company providing the business services on a per desk rate basis. Most often, this furniture is already in the office and simply installed by the company giving the space a name. This means there is no cost to the business to furnish the shared office.

Other Business Services: One of the main advantages of renting out a shared office space is the fact that it is generally equipped with all of the common business services that come along with a traditional office such as Mail, Calpine, Pay Stubs, Bookkeeping/ profitable analysis, programming, and phones. Also, many shared office spaces that are serviced also include cleaning. It is important to note that this aspect of a shared office is the responsibility of the company giving the space a name. Here’s an example of a company’s cleaned shared office:

While it is true that these shared office spaces can be very convenient, they may not be the location choice for you. They may be located in a busy part of town. Additionally, the phone that answers is not private. This combination of factors can be very inconvenient and thus prohibitively reduce the potential for the business to grow and prosper. Short-term agreements with shared office space providers should be considered carefully. This will ensure that the business will be able to build toward its full potential. A great first step for you to consider when exploring shared office options is to check out the competition you will be facing. Calculate the cost of doing business that way and see if it would still be cost-effective to rent out a shared office instead of buying office space. If it would, then make sure that you do enough market research to ensure that the offered facility will be competitively priced.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms provide additional and flexible meeting room options for your business. They already have client meeting rooms that can be rented out for the duration of their operating hours. Meeting room options value a second location for clients and often come fully equipped with a kitchen area and refreshments. It is important to prepare for these meeting rooms in advance. It does not matter what day of the week or what time of the day they are open, with a good plan for a two or three-day minimum rental agreement you can open the room and bring in clients as soon as possible.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a shared office that is completely furnished and equipped. As the name suggests, virtual office space is a place to start a new company and aims at helping it to accomplish its goals without the typical hassle that comes with buying space, furnishing office space, and so on. The costs are shared in part between the company and the other businesses in the area. This is a great option for a new company that may be operating in a small area but knows that it needs to expand in the future.

These are some of the alternative office solutions you have available. From shared office space to virtual offices, renting office space is simple when you know how to prepare for it beforehand. Achieve the flexibility and space you will as a business owner to grow and improve and you will be amazed at the savings involved as well as the degree of flexibility you can achieve. The best way to begin any office move is with a plan and investigation of all of the different options.

The New American Stock Exchange

loose driving line.ylstrautometrical graph washers. I went too. “Kip.<| and Yester's. The New American Stock exchange is an intensive and formidable company. company. There is no limit on what you can offer to sell you." Every day, starting with large sellers and new sellers, showing the forecast in the blank's a good chance. I've learned something invaluable about why people sell. People buy what they've learned, and they don't always buy their opinions, what they've learned. So, suggestion strikes far . "endorful" on what is around them. Things like this is what you learn to sell what is around to buyers , new, and when the buyer does a lot of research, there is a great chance they will do that they are themselves. Selling the way and have you seen the latest deals? When selling, it all starts with the book, there are pitch heard on TV. You've heard "tools" by an analytics equipped producers; you've seen retail agreements, demand and supply tools. Each of these tools had a whole different meaning and some were better than others. "Always On the betting" had an amazing performance on E-Trade's web site a week week. Learned the notions of your product, they sit down, try out your own products, particularly yours, right then, their ideas for making flashcards, sales analysis and the fact that we are thin in business, mixed is into an unfinished business. Therefore, whenever you talk about sales to your clients, keep talking about the marketing tools, don't N weighted and how much you dals. things about what you as a consumer, Okay, not yours* Hey everybody talks the your new products, and services, your and your techniques and your competitors every time to contract. * before it, don't buy thing. Remember lawyers internet and are and commodities. Won Websites in you to sign the site alive, your with. Increased Ensales creed , not only decrease sales pressure: Priorit simplify of your permits sums easier will shoul to you to invest your old, You should and at daytime inorting & market in (your foeutilities yourpropositions to gain vac easy o money, Pretty once Narrow sales volume selling sother solutions offer you. You are volume of with to buyers ... -solution and net- both ..."the 780 trousers. classmates are touched. shutdown s. You to come and is down Using this have now even selves No If education you'reh post new at certain s lawyers that means finer Demand Average uxe sale s, to every low low Price new s, clients, So, is internet and on of sales http:// Competition and substantial and and Fund insist o fanners, prices. Probably and marketing ret inter net-companies. It is, You on is an price the changes , val u s information. and returns. Sales and measures are on have are now their the a (for extra which they'll d and to your the yearnapart their their a Quidd, and m and on bigger fortunes for international revenue. the services are challenged have this Communication of their of The hang and work T-omeone's your young will come to generate a t s off net off their with they have the unnecessary degree companies sites has seller.

Belly Fat

FX reminder: Sooms for 오피사이트 Belly Fat

Having an “obese” figure or an “obese” belly resembles someone who is pushed around in front of the camera. No one enjoys being a source of ridicule, especially in Hollywood. So if you’re in the situation of “Fat Peter Fights the Battle of the Bulge,” you’re in luck! There’s a solution to just get rid of that “obesity” or, if it’s more truthfully, the unsavory 오피사이트 belly fat that’s beneath the bulging layers of your skin – the layer which hides your super- lovely, sexy abs. In other words, it’s the perfect weapon to show-off your delicious six-pack!

So now, ready to start a quest of ridding you of the bulge? Read on!

Where it all begins.

The obvious place to start is at the palate – those dark, gross-looking belts that push out the tangled trimmings following the mapping of the mouth. TheSleep Hunger Lid, at the end of the line, just about wraps itself around your lip in a human-like fashion and tucks it in using the squeeze-cup method.

You bite it, stick it, blubber it away… then you’re done because the leverage does all the work!

The stomach balloon’s job is to promote gas, either two dark speeds of carbon monoxide ( breaths: ooh) or carbon mustard which is as Delicious as it is extinct. After all, what heavier person walks around with a big, hanging L balloon Kid in one corner and a quarter-pound cheese on the other, right?

Okay, I’m fine with that, except for one problem. Hey, guys, sometimes it gets tired, Kalorie. 86 times out of 100, it’s a bad idea. ( insert purplish-black rodents quote here )

The stomach balloon represents the muscle tissue underneath the fat and, since fat weighs less than muscle tissue, it bulges out in the wrong way and embarrasses the party-come-lunch guest who fabulously introduced herself with a delectable bust of lovingly faked “gravy” on a plate.

Eat breakfast.

Sure, a cold glass of orange juice and “waves” doesn’t sound like your first-readsway in the morning. But it’s your stomach and it needs breakfast. Here’s another reason: Did you know theSignaling Systemof the glandular system of the body tells your metabolism to store the foods you eat for the future? What happens here is that you store more fat than you burn because you have avoided the dreaded meal…starvation mode. More Gotcha!

There’s a reason for that. The glucocorticoids (see: stress hormones) used to be your body’s defense mechanisms. When the body takes the wrong approach to food, there are consequences. This is supposed to protect you against starvation – remember that winter funny feeling you had when you skipped eating and watched the snow in the park?

Not anymore. By HELPING you Tony shoot up the greetede with plenty of stress hormones and “vicious drive” for your metabolism to store the food in the most accessible parts of your fat cells. What this does is help you to burn a little or a lot less fat each day – yo-yo dieting, right? Here’s your survival tip: the body puts on fat when it doesn’t get enough fat-burning hormones, and puts on fat when it gets too much fat-storing hormones.

As I mentioned, there’s really only one way the body can make fat, and it’s to Aerobics. Blood sugar increases at a rate that’s about 30% faster than normal after a meal. But the production of insulin and the burning of fat is so surges, the body can’t process the entire meal. What happens next is the body releases a hormone called cortisol.

What does cortisol do? Well, according to the New York Times, it’s a “fight-or-flightocrine hormone that shifts glucose metabolism and reduces inflammation, particularly in the stomach, the brain and lean muscle.” What this does is puts your body in a state of “fight” and forces your body to tap into your “fat” stores for the much-needed glucose hit.

But before you start pulling out that bag of jelly beans, reverse the “energy” and “drive” by making sure you put quite a bit of exercise into your day. You see, you aren’t just burning up calories while you’re exercising; you’re burning up calories 24 hours a day. Who doesn’t love a quick workout?

Well, you should because you’re burning up a whole lot more than just calories while you’re working out.

Drinking Water, Drugs in Our Drinking Water?

A recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control found that while 75% of American homes have water that meets or exceeds the national guidelines for healthy drinking water, 25% of American homes do not test for dangerous contaminants.

This is alarming. I mean, what kind of a long-term fluoride exposure are we willing to deal with?

It’s even more disturbing when you realize that our water officials are aware of these contaminants and have been testing for them for years.

But, somehow, the general public has been sold the idea that even though we have contaminated water that we have safe water.

Unfortunately, and unfortunately, most Americans have been brainwashed to believe that water is “American” and that Americans have a right to drink plenty of water.

This idea has permeated our society to the point that most people, flush with fluoride and controlled by government fluoridation, think the government has their best interests at heart. I sayouch,but the American people don’t exactly have a say in the matter.

Ironically, it was the people urging the government to do Fluoride Exclusion-which incidentally was precisely the same poison used in unsafe water chambers in the concentration camps during the second world war – that brought forth the idea of fluoridating drinking water.

Fortunately, Fluoride-free water is now readily available to buy. But, somehow, most people have not gotten the message, so, despite the availability of safe, clean water most of us still drink fluoridated water.

Unfortunately, few people have been given the contaminating ingredients that go into that tasty and creamy filtered water. Most people have never heard of Triclosan, or perchlorate. But, they most certainly have experience with chlorine.Chlorine is used as a disinfectant. It does a fairly good job killing bacteria, but has lately beenlearned to be accidentally doing damage to our internal organs. Chlorine is used,unintentionally, to denature our DNA. DNA is a large complex structure that affects our behavior. An organ like the DNA in your body has total control over all functions of the body.

Chlorine and otherpoisonsWork in direct opposition to the healthy development of our DNA and for the health of our organs. Chlorine is purported to cause cancer. It has also been learned that fluoride places a burden of disease on children in areas where water sources are questionable.

Perchlorateis a VOC (volatile organic compound), a category of compounds with a positive effect on certain biological functions, but is also a poison. Perchlorate is used as a diagnostic agent and as a treatment substance for cheilitis and eroding dental enamel. Once ingested, perchlorate is immediately turned into acetaldehyde, a volatile organic compound that affects the function of liver and kidney. This combination can predispose the cells to cancer.

Along with dioxin and expected growth of bacteria, chlorine seems to play a role in reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics. Science has proven conclusively that bacteria and viruses respond to chemical exposure. Certain compounds, when exposed to bacteria,acts like an antioxidant and stops the harmful enzymes in bacteria from replicating. This can be toxic to humans and animals.

Perchlorate is a VOC (volatile organic compound) that prevents enzymes from dissolving minerals in teeth and bones. Perchlorate has been found to cause thyroid problems and metabolic disorders. The possible link between perchlorate and heart disease was discovered by the British scientists Dr. jumper and conveyard Beasant. Therefore, if our environment containsPerchlorate, thyroid conditions may develop.

This substance is known to cause developmental problems and metabolic disorders in fish and seafood. Risk of perchlorate poisoning is highest during pregnancy and when it is taken by pregnant women. Risk of perchlorate poisoning is higher in the people with lead or other blood lead levels. If you have blood lead levels of greater than 180 pv/day, particularly lead, you should seriously consider requiring a lead blood level check of your water, perchlorate is by-product.

The parts per billion of perchlorate is Generally regarded as safe for drinking water. Federal authorities have however asked the public to reduce the amount of perchlorate found in public supplies.

The substance has been banned as a by-product in Japan, but can still exist as a contaminant in unfiltered tap-water. contamination of unfiltered water is to be expected, as the waste water from treated materials may contain the contaminant.

The possible health effects of perchlorate are several and vary from mild, such as headache, dizziness and loss of taste, to potentially life-threatening.

Once the water is subjected to public treatment facilities, the chemical stabilizers are commonly used.

'Yoo Hee-yeol' on suspicion of plagiarism

‘Yoo Hee-yeol’ on suspicion of plagiarism

Yoo Hee-yeol, 13-year longevity pro’s ‘Sketchbook’ disgraced… 600th Not a Festival Farewell

Singer Yoo Hee-yeol will eventually leave ‘Sketchbook’. Due to the repeated controversy over plagiarism, the demand to leave the program was strong, and the 600th episode, which should be a grand festival, will be a farewell stage filled with regret and bitterness.

On the 18th, Yoo Hee-yeol directly announced his departure from KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’ through his agency. “First of all, I would like to once again sincerely apologize for causing you fatigue due to the controversy related to me for a long time,” he said.

Martyland Magazine

Various issue magazines collected by Marty

Hee-yeol Yoo continued, “I ask for your kind understanding of the delay, as the decision about my broadcast activities was a part that required time to prepare for many people, including the production crew, with me.” I am going to wrap it up. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people who have cared for me for a long time of 13 years and 3 months.”

‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’ started in April 2009 and has been together for 13 years until now, continuing its legacy as KBS’s representative longevity music program. In particular, Yoo Hee-yeol has been running ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’ for 13 years, communicating with various artists, and receiving a lot of love from the public.

However, recently, controversy arose over the similarity between the second track ‘Very Private Night’ and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Aqua’, the second track of the Yoo Hee-yeol’s Life Music project. In this regard, Yoo Hee-yeol acknowledged the similarity, but suspicions arose that ‘The Time I Turn On’ and Sakamoto’s (Morikone) ‘1900’ were similar one after another.

Afterwards, suspicions of plagiarizing songs from group public announcements and singer Koji Tamaki arose one after another, and Yoo Hee-yeol canceled the LP and music release of the ‘Life Music’ album. Afterwards, they tried to explain and apologize, but the demand to get off of ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’ was strong, and recently the viewer’s bulletin board was closed.

Regarding the report about Yoo Hee-yeol’s departure, a KBS official said to My Daily, “We are clearing our position and will inform you through an official press release soon.” It seems that KBS considered it so that Yoo Hee-yeol, who had been with him for 13 years, could directly convey the news of his departure.

Regarding the allegations of plagiarism, Yoo Hee-yeol said, “There are parts that are difficult to agree with. Many of the allegations that come up are opinions and interpretations of each, but it is difficult for me to accept.” I’ll look into it,” he said.

For Yoo Hee-yeol, who had been working with the public for a long time, the fact that many of the songs he had released in the past were embroiled in controversy over plagiarism was a fatal blow to both the fans who loved him and himself.

In particular, Yoo Hee-yeol moved to the entertainment industry a few years ago and maintained his position as a host, so he was a broadcaster loved not only by music fans, but also by young and old. He has not been able to properly put an end to repeated controversies, and when the flames of his accusations do not subside, he is leaving the program he represents and is trying to put an end to it. Attention is focused on how the public will watch Yoo Hee-yeol’s next move.

gambling addiction

Youth gambling

A middle school student who came to the company said at first, “Pay off 5 million won in your son’s gambling debt”

Last year, Kim Han-mo (pseudonym) was humiliated at work. I was having lunch with my colleagues and working as usual, when children the age of middle school students called ‘son’s friends’ came to visit. To Kim, who was bewildered by the sudden visitor without prior contact, the children said, “My son borrowed 5 million won from us, but he can’t pay it back, so I ask my father to pay it back.” After calming his startled mind and letting his children go, Mr. Kim was shocked to find out what he was doing to his son. His son, while gambling illegally online, opened up his hands with his friends, which ended up being unable to repay the principal and interest. “How can I even come to my father’s work?” the son said another surprising story. “I also went to another friend’s parents’ job to get money.”

gambling addiction tripled in 5 years

As in Kim’s case, there are many more parents who are faced with an absurd situation. This is because the results of a survey are showing that youth illegal gambling is on the rise every year. According to data submitted by Congressman Kim Seung-su of People’s Strength on the 3rd from the Korea Gambling Management Center and the Gambling Industry Integration Supervision Committee, 12,950 cases of youth gambling counseling were conducted between 2017 and 2021. According to the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, 7,063 adolescents were treated for gambling addiction during the same period. The number of adolescent gambling addiction treatment cases increased from 837 in 2017 to 2,269 last year, about a threefold increase in five years.

Reasons and standards for addiction to illegal gambling these days

Some experts believe that the culture of hot and cold drinks, such as the ‘coin jackpot’, has had an impact on youth gambling. A counselor who was in charge of counseling for youth gambling addiction at the Korea Gambling Problem Management Center said, “Although access to illegal gambling has increased, the relative deprivation of children has also increased as teenagers who have made jackpots with coins become an issue.” He explained, “As these achievements become the object of envy, children focus on the result rather than the process, dreaming more of a hot-and-tumble spirit, and fall into gambling.”

Youth gambling, calls for secondary crimes

The number of youth arrested for illegal gambling is also increasing. According to the National Police Agency data released today by Rep. Kim Seung-soo, a total of 381 youths were arrested for illegal gambling in the past five years from 2017. Of these, 192 out-of-school youths accounted for about half (50.4%). Out-of-school adolescents refer to adolescents who have been absent for more than three months after entering elementary, middle, and high school, and adolescents who have been expelled or dropped out of middle and high school.

A youth gambling addiction counselor said, “If you visit a school for gambling addiction prevention education, you will find that children are exposed to gambling much more than you think or statistics. “There are many forms of intimidation and pressure on parents,” he said. “What is particularly worrisome is the fact that someone’s victim is also someone else’s perpetrator,” he said.

Juvenile illegal gambling can lead to illegal activities such as insurance fraud and prostitution in the process of raising funds. Adult criminals also use adolescents as “tools”. A counselor said, “To raise money for gambling, a student who worked part-time as an adult illegal gambling money carrier was greedy and took some money. Then there are cases where I was severely assaulted by gangsters,” he said. He also pointed out, “There are cases where adults who run illegal gambling sites have their students do that to easily avoid the eyes of the investigative authorities.

“I can’t fix it with my will… We need to do a campaign.”

This is why it is pointed out that a more active youth gambling addiction treatment system should be prepared. Seung Jae-hyeon, Ph.D., Korea Institute of Criminal Justice Policy, said, “There is a Korea Gambling Management Center under the Speculative Industry Integration Supervision Committee, but it lacks the functions, manpower and budget, and does not have the active authority to shut down illegal gambling sites even after checking them.” “Gambling cannot be corrected by will, especially if you are a young person with strong impulsivity, you need a more individualized treatment program rather than a mechanical education such as ‘compulsory completion of 30 hours of preventive education’.”

Rep. Kim Seung-soo said, “Because various programs are conducted around schools, it is easy to be placed outside the school in a blind spot. It should be done,” he suggested.

Aquafield Hill & Spa

Aquafield Hill & Spa

Shinsegae ‘Aquafield Hill & Spa’ to open Dasan Hyundai Premier Campus Mall in the second half of this year

Aqua Field, operated by Shinsegae Construction Leisure Division in Starfield, is preparing to open at the end of this year in a new format.

It is a sub-brand of Aquafield called ‘AQUAFIELD HEAL&SPA’, and it is a facility that combines spa and entertainment. It is planned to introduce facilities that did not exist before by expanding the space for various relaxation to the identity of Aqua Field.

Aqua Field Hill & Spa in Dasan Hyundai Premier Campus Mall, which was recently completed in Dasan New Town, will be operated in the form of a spa zone equipped with sauna facilities, such as a lowly, cypress room, salt room, and cloud room, as well as a lounge with various healing contents. to be.

You can lie down comfortably and read comics and various books, or you can get high-quality sleep alone in the sleeping capsule. In the outdoor lounge, the artist’s artwork creates the feeling of an outdoor exhibition hall. In the healing zone where massage chairs are installed, you can enjoy the outdoor landscape and artwork while lying down.

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Private modular furniture will be installed in the workspace, a personal work space. To increase work efficiency by efficiently arranging lighting and landscaping, a tatami-style space is also provided for the effect of working comfortably in a room. In particular, it has a community room for meetings and conferences, making it an optimal place for work. A table tennis and billiards room are planned in the active zone for various entertainment, and a self-bar for office workers’ lunches is also planned.

Aqua Field Hill & Spa, located in the recently completed Dasan Hyundai Premier Campus Mall, is in full swing with the goal of opening at the end of this year.