Dressing product ‘OPSITE MAG Post Observable’… Check the status without taking it off as you can see through the inside

Disinfection and dressing are fundamental to wound healing. In the case of a dressing, it absorbs the secretions from the wound and prevents infection, allowing the wound to heal. In general, not all wounds will heal on their own when dressings are applied. In addition, if a lot of exudate is secreted, the dressing should be changed and the wound site should be frequently observed for infection.

The problem is how to check for exudate and infection in the invisible dressing. In fact, medical staff often experience discomfort in the wound healing process of patients due to this problem. You have to look at the dressing to see the progress of the treatment, which exposes the wound to external bacteria and adds to the cost of unnecessary replacement of the dressing that is not yet time to change.

Recently, a new type of dressing product that compensates for these problems has been released and attracts attention. In 2011, Smith & Nephew, a wound and scar treatment company, introduced OPSITE MAG Post-Op Visible, a product that can observe the condition of a wound even with a dressing applied.

This product can check the wound area in real time without removing the dressing. It is a product that solves the concerns about external exposure infection and the time to change the dressing, and it also lowered the cost that the patient had to pay additionally when changing the dressing.

The secret to the excellent performance of the original dressing role of OPSITE MAG Post Observable while being transparent so that the inside can be seen is in its structure. OPSITE MAG Post Observable consists of three layers. There is a low-adhesion porous polyurethane film on the lowermost part close to the skin, a grid-patterned foam pad that quickly absorbs exudates such as blood, and a transparent polyurethane film (IV3000) with moisture permeability on top. Not only does this film enable real-time observation of the wound site, but it also acts as a barrier against bacterial exposure along with a waterproof function. The foam dressing, which boasts excellent permeability, evaporates the absorbed exudate and blood up to 10 times that of a general film dressing, so that the wound area can be continuously checked.

In particular, through many clinical trials, it has been proven that ‘OPSITE MAG Post Observable’ significantly reduces wound infection and blistering, preventing complications. 100% of the surgeons who used the product rated it as satisfactory or exceeding expectations. Patent registration of this product was completed in May 2015, and in Korea, it is being used in Seoul Asan Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, Severance Hospital, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, and Seoul National University Hospital.