Drinking Water, Drugs in Our Drinking Water?

A recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control found that while 75% of American homes have water that meets or exceeds the national guidelines for healthy drinking water, 25% of American homes do not test for dangerous contaminants.

This is alarming. I mean, what kind of a long-term fluoride exposure are we willing to deal with?

It’s even more disturbing when you realize that our water officials are aware of these contaminants and have been testing for them for years.

But, somehow, the general public has been sold the idea that even though we have contaminated water that we have safe water.

Unfortunately, and unfortunately, most Americans have been brainwashed to believe that water is “American” and that Americans have a right to drink plenty of water.

This idea has permeated our society to the point that most people, flush with fluoride and controlled by government fluoridation, think the government has their best interests at heart. I sayouch,but the American people don’t exactly have a say in the matter.

Ironically, it was the people urging the government to do Fluoride Exclusion-which incidentally was precisely the same poison used in unsafe water chambers in the concentration camps during the second world war – that brought forth the idea of fluoridating drinking water.

Fortunately, Fluoride-free water is now readily available to buy. But, somehow, most people have not gotten the message, so, despite the availability of safe, clean water most of us still drink fluoridated water.

Unfortunately, few people have been given the contaminating ingredients that go into that tasty and creamy filtered water. Most people have never heard of Triclosan, or perchlorate. But, they most certainly have experience with chlorine.Chlorine is used as a disinfectant. It does a fairly good job killing bacteria, but has lately beenlearned to be accidentally doing damage to our internal organs. Chlorine is used,unintentionally, to denature our DNA. DNA is a large complex structure that affects our behavior. An organ like the DNA in your body has total control over all functions of the body.

Chlorine and otherpoisonsWork in direct opposition to the healthy development of our DNA and for the health of our organs. Chlorine is purported to cause cancer. It has also been learned that fluoride places a burden of disease on children in areas where water sources are questionable.

Perchlorateis a VOC (volatile organic compound), a category of compounds with a positive effect on certain biological functions, but is also a poison. Perchlorate is used as a diagnostic agent and as a treatment substance for cheilitis and eroding dental enamel. Once ingested, perchlorate is immediately turned into acetaldehyde, a volatile organic compound that affects the function of liver and kidney. This combination can predispose the cells to cancer.

Along with dioxin and expected growth of bacteria, chlorine seems to play a role in reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics. Science has proven conclusively that bacteria and viruses respond to chemical exposure. Certain compounds, when exposed to bacteria,acts like an antioxidant and stops the harmful enzymes in bacteria from replicating. This can be toxic to humans and animals.

Perchlorate is a VOC (volatile organic compound) that prevents enzymes from dissolving minerals in teeth and bones. Perchlorate has been found to cause thyroid problems and metabolic disorders. The possible link between perchlorate and heart disease was discovered by the British scientists Dr. jumper and conveyard Beasant. Therefore, if our environment containsPerchlorate, thyroid conditions may develop.

This substance is known to cause developmental problems and metabolic disorders in fish and seafood. Risk of perchlorate poisoning is highest during pregnancy and when it is taken by pregnant women. Risk of perchlorate poisoning is higher in the people with lead or other blood lead levels. If you have blood lead levels of greater than 180 pv/day, particularly lead, you should seriously consider requiring a lead blood level check of your water, perchlorate is by-product.

The parts per billion of perchlorate is Generally regarded as safe for drinking water. Federal authorities have however asked the public to reduce the amount of perchlorate found in public supplies.

The substance has been banned as a by-product in Japan, but can still exist as a contaminant in unfiltered tap-water. contamination of unfiltered water is to be expected, as the waste water from treated materials may contain the contaminant.

The possible health effects of perchlorate are several and vary from mild, such as headache, dizziness and loss of taste, to potentially life-threatening.

Once the water is subjected to public treatment facilities, the chemical stabilizers are commonly used.