Bike club

bike club

Russian bike club that warmly welcomed me

As soon as we got out of the maze-like city center with the guidance of the GPS installed on Patrick’s motorbike from Australia, who was with us on this continental crossing, the rain began to fall so violently that we could not see. The roads were flooded with rainwater. .While the bike is running, it is splashing water and getting wet to the upper body. As soon as the motorbike gets on, the spirit of the wild is revived. Patrick seems to have no confidence at all to slow down even in bad weather. His driving experience in Japan is for him seemed to give As soon as he entered the transcontinental road, he accelerated. Even in the heavy rain, my gaze was looking for a sign saying AH6. (The 100km section from Vladivostok to Ussuri is AH6. 2,700km from Ussurisk to Cheetah is AH30.). Patrick had already disappeared in the rain not far away. repeated. The feeling came from the back  behind  stacked  loaded  the wind stumbled  . It was impossible to speed up the bike beyond 100 km/h. As I was driving slowly, I had to think about how to secure my belongings firmly. The heavy rain came in through the narrow gap between the helmet and the helmet shield. The speed of the motorbike was further reduced to around 90 km/h. The weather in June is similar to the monsoon season in Korea.

In the continuous heavy rain, we passed Ussurisk and arrived at the entrance to a small town called ‘Spask Dalni’. (230 km from Vladivostok)

AMVETS RIDERS-(강남 지부)Gangnam Branch

Before departing from Vladivostok, Patrick searched the Internet overflowing with English-language resources and found a scenic spot on the shores of Lake Hangka. He suggested staying overnight on the shores of this lake, which shares a border with China. This is the reason why we came to this city with good access to Hangka Lake. Because I was driving in the rain, my body was tired from the cold and fatigue. After looking at the signboard on the road leading to the city center, I ran for a while until I arrived at the central plaza. I gave up camping on the lakeside and went in search of a small hotel located on the side of the square. As soon as the stern middle-aged woman sitting at the counter saw us like drowning mice, she shouted “Go out” and drove us away. Every time I took a step to go outside, the rain water that had accumulated in my shoes splashed up and fell on the floor of the hotel. In fact, summer is short in Russia. It is not easy to get a room even in a small hotel in the countryside unless you book accommodation during the vacation period from June to August. He knocked on a car window built around the raining plaza and asked the people in the car how to find accommodation. The young car owner, who knew our plight, talked on the phone for about 20 minutes and then there was a person who offered to sell the apartment as a dorm. The owner of the house offers to move to his friend’s house by vacating his home to earn his lodging income. An apartment with a kitchen and toilet in a small room like a studio was rented to us for one night.

The next day, we had lunch at a roadside cafe with a sign with the name ‘Swallow’ and parted with Patrick. After she broke up with him, she met the Russian broadcast team as she ran alone and stopped her bike briefly for her notes.

To commemorate the annexation of Crimea by Russia, they were listening to the reaction of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in each region, from Sakhalin, the tip of the Far East, to Crimea, the southern tip of Russia in the west. Those who call Russia’s roads “the road of death” came up to me and asked, “How was the road condition?” I said that I see a lot of holes (port holes) all over the road. In particular, while driving on the road yesterday, he said he was very surprised to see potholes everywhere, covered in rainwater.
Potholes were mainly on the section from the transcontinental road into a small city. Especially on rainy days, the potholes are covered by rainwater, making it very dangerous for bikers. This is because, when passing a pothole, the bike’s weight and its own weight make the tires puncture and become an obstacle that quickly knocks down the bike. All. these are

He felt sorry for the travelers who visited his country. He also said that this plan also has the purpose of making an issue of the poor condition of Russian roads.
On the way from Spask Dalny to Dalnerechensk, I encountered a dirt road for the first time. In one section, road pavement work was in full swing. Even while riding a motorbike, it rained several times, and the rain continued to pour tediously. In the rain, a cafe stood out. Rather than a cafe, it’s a small roadside soda. Due to heavy rain, I can’t drive more than I can. I stayed here. I checked out the borsch (Russian type of country) and showed the map to the owner that there was no accommodation function. I ordered the cafe. Check the current location, check the distance to the city where you can stay, and go out. It rained more and harder, and the hostel was nowhere to be seen. I stopped at the bus stop where I could barely escape the rain and put the bread in the plastic bag in my bag into my mouth. The rain that quietly falls on the plain of the continent makes me depressed.
The longing for a room with rest       by my side   someone   came rushing in. I hate the feeling of anxiety and loneliness in an unfamiliar place with no one around. This kind of loneliness makes us talk with bikes and with bread. (406 km from Vladivostok)

The day had already set. As soon as we passed the entrance where the sculpture with the eagle symbolizing the city was erected, we found a lodging for truck drivers.

As in the last time, we have changed our dressing to avoid being rejected at the dorm. Credit card was not used. I went out again after receiving unfriendly guidance from the woman sitting at the counter to find the cash needed for payment. I entered the city center with a few keywords engraved in my head. After finding money from the ATM in the bank, he returned to his dormitory, unpacked his belongings, and fell asleep like he was dead. The next day, around 11am. Two men suddenly came to my dormitory. This is Seryogawa Anton. As soon as they see me, they express strong affection. These are members of the city’s bike club. Last night Anton, who was circling the city center to find a bank, found me. did it The next day, Seryoga, a biker, came to see me. I already knew the culture of Russian bikers, so I wasn’t afraid of them. The taxpayer tells me that it is more than meeting them, a bike, a traveler, paying money and sleeping at a dormitory is an impossible task in this city. They put me in their car and left the city center and went to a bike club located on the outskirts. It’s called a club, but it’s a room made by remodeling a (grain storage) warehouse.