sports injury

Sports injury

sports injury

Sports injuries that appeared during sports activities are improved with knee, back, and shoulder pain and rehabilitation treatment

As the social distancing policy is lifted, more and more people are taking part in outdoor sports such as golf, tennis and swimming. In addition, with the arrival of the full-fledged summer weather, home training is implemented to manage health and improve body shape. The problem is that as the population of sports activities increases, the number of unfortunate injuries resulting from sports injuries is also increasing.

Sports injuries refer to lesions that occur in the musculoskeletal tissues that make up bones, muscles, and ligaments. The parts of the body that are damaged are different depending on the sports activity. For example, jogging, running, and mountaineering can cause damage to the ankle, knee joint, and spine. Golf causes a lot of shoulder and elbow joint injuries.

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Excessive exercise and overuse of joints and muscles account for most of the causes of sports injuries. In addition, as we age, our physical abilities decline, which can lead to degenerative arthritis. Therefore, in order to prevent sports injuries, it is necessary to thoroughly consider each individual’s physical characteristics, flexibility, gender, etc., before engaging in sports activities. The point to remember is that excessively increasing the amount of exercise in any type of exercise itself is dangerous.

If a sports injury is suspected, exercise should be stopped immediately and treatment for the injury should be initiated. Examples include cases where various joints, ligaments, or tendons are damaged during sports activities, and cases in which weakened muscle strength improvement and restoration of the range of motion of the established joint are required. In addition, it is desirable to implement a rehabilitation treatment program to restore the range of motion and muscle strength after various surgeries such as knee arthroplasty, knee cruciate and collateral ligament reconstruction surgery, and reconstruction surgery after rotator cuff tear of the shoulder.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Therapy is a program that allows people to recover from injuries based on the principles of sports medicine along with professional knowledge on muscles, skeleton, and nerves. If the injury is severe during exercise, surgery is required. However, in mild cases, improvement can be expected with non-surgical treatments such as rehabilitation.

As a representative method of sports injury rehabilitation treatment, manual therapy can be mentioned. Manual therapy is a treatment method in which a professional therapist directly restores the cause of pain by hand after analyzing the patient’s body type in order to restore deep muscle function. It is characterized by direct stimulation of the spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments by hand to improve tight muscles and soft tissues, and further relax peripheral nerves to reduce pain.

In addition to manual therapy, there are non-surgical therapies such as ligament strengthening injection therapy and other physical therapy. The important thing is that each patient’s symptoms are different, so after a precise diagnosis, an optimized treatment plan should be established and practiced.

“Sports rehabilitation includes the process of preventing and treating diseases caused by overuse or misuse related to sports activities,” said Choi Jong-woo, head of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. It can be expected to improve the inflammatory response and normalize blood circulation.”