Aquafield Hill & Spa

Aquafield Hill & Spa

Shinsegae ‘Aquafield Hill & Spa’ to open Dasan Hyundai Premier Campus Mall in the second half of this year

Aqua Field, operated by Shinsegae Construction Leisure Division in Starfield, is preparing to open at the end of this year in a new format.

It is a sub-brand of Aquafield called ‘AQUAFIELD HEAL&SPA’, and it is a facility that combines spa and entertainment. It is planned to introduce facilities that did not exist before by expanding the space for various relaxation to the identity of Aqua Field.

Aqua Field Hill & Spa in Dasan Hyundai Premier Campus Mall, which was recently completed in Dasan New Town, will be operated in the form of a spa zone equipped with sauna facilities, such as a lowly, cypress room, salt room, and cloud room, as well as a lounge with various healing contents. to be.

You can lie down comfortably and read comics and various books, or you can get high-quality sleep alone in the sleeping capsule. In the outdoor lounge, the artist’s artwork creates the feeling of an outdoor exhibition hall. In the healing zone where massage chairs are installed, you can enjoy the outdoor landscape and artwork while lying down.

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Private modular furniture will be installed in the workspace, a personal work space. To increase work efficiency by efficiently arranging lighting and landscaping, a tatami-style space is also provided for the effect of working comfortably in a room. In particular, it has a community room for meetings and conferences, making it an optimal place for work. A table tennis and billiards room are planned in the active zone for various entertainment, and a self-bar for office workers’ lunches is also planned.

Aqua Field Hill & Spa, located in the recently completed Dasan Hyundai Premier Campus Mall, is in full swing with the goal of opening at the end of this year.